The School of Hospitality and Tourism Management has evolved from a humble beginning as a diploma conferring department. The Schools vision is to be an internationally recognized program of excellence in the hospitality and tourism industry. Our mission is to offer high quality training, research and community service and help our students to achieve the highest potential within the industry and continued personal development. We train and educate leaders for the dynamic and global tourism and hospitality industry, by combining a broad curriculum foundation with real-world experiences (a strong interface between theory and practice) and provide other opportunities for the students to hone their leadership and communication skills.

The school provides forums for academic growth, industry experience, leadership roles and career enhancing opportunities and by encouraging social interaction and development of student unity with the management. We nurture our students to become the best and most sought after professionals in the tourism and hospitality industry.

The faculty staff inspires the students to pursue academic excellence in their studies, to be independent learners, flexible problem solvers, effective communicators and professionally, socially and globally responsible hospitality leaders with a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. With the establishment of our one of a kind teaching and research hotel, the school has superb teaching resources. We enjoy many industrial links with leading hotels, restaurants and tourism businesses across the country.